Happy Birthday, America!

Celebrating the Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Now, getting to share with my kids, it’s no different! This year, we kept everything pretty low key, which definitely fits into our family style. Allergies have not been kind to me or my oldest son, so we weren’t really feeling up to running around to different events anyway.

I am very blessed in that both my parents and my in-laws are amazing! They are great people, wonderful examples to learn from and follow, and we all get along SO WELL!! So anytime there is a holiday, family gathering, or just wanting to get together, my husband and I never have to divide our time between the two sides of the family. My parents came out to our place and we had a great BBQ over at my in-laws (we live next door to them). I am so grateful that my boys get to spend so much time with both sets of grandparents!

Grammy had a fun craft for the boys to work on while the guys grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. (Oh, and some bones for the dogs-Max and Ruger. They should be able to celebrate with us too!) Mom had a wonderful dessert to share after the meal. It was this cookie and fruit combo, and it was so delicious! And was very pretty too:-) She found the recipe on Pinterest https://pin.it/6IF4LeN

We didn’t set off much for fireworks tonight. Between some of us not feeling the best, and all the farm animals around not liking loud noises, we just didn’t feel it was worth it. Our dog, Max, was busy hiding under the porch as it was some of the little pops we made! The boys really enjoy the little pop its, so they each used up a box of those before heading in for the night.

Tomorrow, it’s back to normal for me! I will work in the afternoon, but Hubby is off for the week. Depending on the weather, we might attempt to get some outside projects done, but it may heat up pretty quickly like it did today.

What did you do for Independence Day?

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  1. Mrsrev

    Sounds like a nice 4th! We spent time with family, and got to both light off and watch some fireworks. The hubby said it sounded like a popcorn maker outside, with the whole town going at it!

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