Changing Lanes

When it comes to driving, I tend to have a bit of a lead foot and frequent the “fast lane” when I can. But in life, I’ve noticed more and more I’m not a big fan of the fast paced rat race and have been trying to slow things down a bit. I want to enjoy all the little things and take my time. Especially when it comes to time with my husband and our boys. My family is so important to me, and I want to make as many memories as possible with them while we can. I’ve never been one to focus on a busy career and climbing a corporate ladder. I also find myself enjoying the way the things used to be-less tech, more fresh air. Less processed, more home grown.

So enter this page- a way for me to document our homeschool and homesteading adventures, craft projects, favorite products, even some mental health and wellness. Basically, all the things that matter to me, and want to be able to share with you!

I appreciate you being here to follow along with our family’s journey as we navigate daily life and learning new things. I am definitely a newbie and not sure what I’m doing with a blog, but hopefully I’ll learn and get better with time. If not, at least I’m having fun and doing something for me:-)

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